review1-compressor “Wonderful gym, owner is very chill and laid back and extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Great place for kids and adults. Just a wonderful place to train judgement free. I always feel welcome when I go here.”
– Jason

review1-compressor “Amazing school, great atmosphere. Quality, legitimate techniques taught by a very talented Coach who really cares! As soon as you arrive, you are among friends, and everyone is there to make each other better!”
– Joshua

review1-compressor “I absolutely love the fun environment that Coach Nate and the athletes have created. It’s obvious that Coach Nate cares about his students and their performance, as well as that they enjoy what they do! Excited to continue training at Meta Martial Arts!!”
– Katie

review1-compressor “I have trained with Nate for 15 years and I’m excited to continue to train and coach these great people we have at Meta!!”
– Jerrod

review1-compressor ” Nate is a true Martial artist!!!! You will not be disappointed with his attention to detail and his ability to teach some amazing Skills”
– Matt

review1-compressor “You will not be disappointed if you’re looking for a place to study Jiu-Jitsu in the Fayetteville area. 👊🏼”
– Robert

review1-compressor “This is NWA’s most elite martial arts school. Nate has a very proven/successful history in various martial arts including MMA and gi Jiu Jitsu. I myself have yet to see one of his students lose in an MMA bout (furiously knocks on wood). Nate has a serious love for his students and helping them ascend and his energy is infectious. On top of the amazing credentials, the atmosphere is perfect for beginners or pros. I consider myself blessed to be here”
– Ross

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